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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Ancient Greek Cuisine

Ancient Greek Cuisine – Some Words Ancient Greek Cuisine – Meals Ancient Greek Cuisine – About the food of the Meals What Did the Ancient Greeks Eat Ancient Greek Cuisine – Olive oil Ancient Greek Cuisine – Vegetables. Fruit. Seasonings Ancient Greek Cuisine – Legumes and cereals Ancient Greek Cuisine – Meat Ancient Greek Cuisine – Fish Ancient Greek Cuisine […]

Retsina – Greek Wines of the Gods

Some people say that Retsina, the resinated wine produced in Greece since ancient times, is an acquired taste. I’ll agree – I acquired it immediately. Not everyone agrees – the Epicurious Dictionary describes the flavor as “sappy and turpentinelike”. But cooking expert Sheila Lukinsbreaks ranks and calls it the “quintessential Mediterranean wine”, applauding it as an accompaniment […]

Pepper – Piperi

Greek name and pronunciation: Piperi, πιπέρι, pronounced pee-PEH-ree At the market: Black and white peppercorns and ground pepper are usually readily available at the market. Green peppercorns, packed in brine or freeze-dried, are generally available as well. Physical characteristics: Pepper is a vine that produces clusters of berries which look like a foot-long length of […]

Cloves – Garifalo

Greek name and pronunciation: Garifalo, γαρίφαλο, pronounced ghah-REE-fah-lo At the market: Whole cloves are usually packaged is small resealable containers. Clove essential oil is usually available at health food stores. Physical characteristics: Cloves are the dried unopened flower buds of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia and Madagascar. A dried clove (bud) is 1/2 to […]

Cinnamon – Kanela

Greek name and pronunciation: Kanela, κανέλα, pronounced kah-NEL-ah At the market: Cinnamon is available in powdered and stick (quill) form (sticks are usually 2- to 6-inch long sections of dried bark). The essential oil of cinnamon is sometimes available. Physical characteristics: Ground cinnamon has a tan color. Quills, made from dried cork-like outer tree bark, […]

About Trahanas

A traditional soup made of natural ingredients Trachanas is a food directly related to the Cypriot culture and rural life. Trachanas is a true national dish such that no visitor should have been left without tasting this authentic soup of Cyprus, made only with a few simple natural ingredients, exactly as it was made decades […]

Zivania the AuthenticCypriot Spirit

Its Cypriot story Zivania is a traditional alcoholic beverage, which has been produced for centuries in Cyprus by distillation, and has played an important role in the everyday life of Cypriots. Zivania is a strong drink, high in alcoholic content which according to tradition (also adopted by the 1998 Regulations for the Control of zivania) […]

Rosemary – Dentrolivano Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Thendrolivano, δεντρολίβανο, pronounced then-droh-LEE-vah-no (hard th sound) At the market: Dried rosemary is usually packaged in disposable containers or sprinkle-pour bottles. Fresh bunches of rosemary may be available during its growing season, when the weather is warm. Rosemary does well in a kitchen herb garden. Physical characteristics: Rosemary is a member […]

Parsley – Maidanos Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: maïdanos, μαϊντανός, pronounced my-ee-dah-NOHSS At the market: Bundles of freshly cut parsley or disposable containers of dried parsley leaves and dried parsley seeds are available at the market. Fresh is always preferable since dried parsley quickly loses taste and aroma. Physical characteristics: Parsley has a light, fresh scent and flavor. It […]