Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Greek Recipes for Pancakes & Crepe

In the Greek tradition, pancakes and crepes are eaten as sweet snacks, around the time other cultures enjoy brunch or a late afternoon tea time.

Greek Medallion Pancakes – Tiganites

These small fried puffs of dough fall somewhere between a pancake and a fritter. A very simple recipe that makes up a good-sized batch of light and airy treats for a delicious breakfast, brunch, or snack food.

Greek Style Chocolate Crepes – Krepes

Crepes are not a traditional Greek dish, but they have caught on like wildfire and are made in all different ways. This is a simple, quick, and easy recipe for a heavy crepe with chocolate filling.

Sugared Raisin Pancakes – Tiganites me Stafithes

Traditionally made as a dessert, these delicious raisin pancakes can be served with syrup for breakfast as well.

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