Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Greek Recipes for Egg Dishes

Greek egg dishes include a wide variety of omelets, eggs with vegetables, cheeses, and meats.

Fourtalia – Classic Frittata of Andros

Fourtalia – Recipe and Instructions for Fourtalia – Classic Frittata from Andros

Greek Omelets & Scrambles: They’re Not About the Eggs

It may sound strange, but traditional Greek omelets and scrambles are not focused on the eggs, and most often contain just the minimum needed. Learn more about Greek omelets, scrambles – and eggs.

Artichoke Omelet – Omeleta me Aginares

Use fresh or frozen artichoke hearts to make this delicious entree omelet. A spring favorite when artichokes are at their peak.

Asparagus and Zucchini Omelet – Omeleta me Sparaggia & Kolokythi

This omelet features fresh asparagus and seasonal squash, with feta cheese. The omelet is a great choice for brunch, as a meze, and as a main dish.

Eggs on a Bed of Tomatoes – Avga me Domates

A delicious dish with sunny-side-up eggs on a bed of tomatoes. A great alternative to an omelet, and a pretty dish to serve.

Leftover Pasta Omelet

Combine leftover pasta (with sauce or baked) with eggs to create a delicious main dish omelet.

Potato Omelet – Omelette me Patates

A great solution for leftover french fries, or fry up a batch just to make this big, delicious omelet with feta cheese.

Scrambled Eggs with Feta – Strapatsatha

Strapatsatha is a delicious combination of eggs scrambled with feta cheese, tomato, onion, and olive oil.

Zucchini Omelet

This dish combines eggs and zucchini to create a refreshing dish that can be served at brunch, lunch, or dinner. Because traditional Greek cooking is seasonal based on the Greek harvest, it is considered a summer dish, but is a delight whenever fresh zucchini is available. This recipe calls for olive oil instead of butter.

Zucchini & Tomato Omelet

No butter in this omelet for two, but it will never be missed. Zucchini, tomatoes, and eggs are a great combination, but don’t look for a light, folded omelet here. A great choice for lunch or dinner.

Zucchini & Tomato Scramble – Strapatsatha

Zucchini and tomatoes scrambled with eggs is delicious for breakfast, brunch, and the buffet table.

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