Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Pilafi Kritis: Cretan Wedding Pilaf

In Greek: πιλάφι, pronounced pee-LAH-fee There are two kinds of rice dishes in Greece: rice (ryzi) and pilaf (pilafi). Rice is… well, rice, and pilaf is creamy and cooked in broth from freshly boiled chicken or beef. Pilaf is a traditional wedding dish on Crete, where it’s made in enormous quantities to feed the often […]

Sugared Cookies with Almonds & Cinnamon

Kourabiethes me Amygthala & Kanela In Greek: κουραμπιέδες με αμύγδαλα και κανέλα, say: koo-rahb-YEH-thes meh ah-MEEGH-thah-lah keh kah-NEH-lah Kourabiethes are celebration cookies: they are prepared at Christmas, baptisms, and weddings. This recipe for these shortbread-type cookies is packed with toasted almonds, includes the taste of cinnamon, and calls for the traditional coating of lots of confectioner’s […]

Soumatha – Traditional Almond Drink Recipe

Soumatha (soo-MAH-tha) is a soft drink made from ground sweet and bitter almonds. Traditionally served at happy occasions, Soumatha is very popular at weddings and engagements because of its distinctive white color. When I asked around town for a traditional recipe, I was directed to Kyria (Mrs.) Anna Simboura who is famed to make the best […]

Cumin – Kymino

Greek name and pronunciation: kymino, κύμινο, pronounced KEE-mee-no At the market: Ground cumin is the form most widely used, and is available in sprinkle-pour spice containers. Physical characterisitcs: Ground cumin is a yellowish-brown color with a strong (not hot) taste and aroma. The cumin plant prefers a warm and humid climate, and grows 6 to […]

Rosemary – Dentrolivano Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Thendrolivano, δεντρολίβανο, pronounced then-droh-LEE-vah-no (hard th sound) At the market: Dried rosemary is usually packaged in disposable containers or sprinkle-pour bottles. Fresh bunches of rosemary may be available during its growing season, when the weather is warm. Rosemary does well in a kitchen herb garden. Physical characteristics: Rosemary is a member […]

Marjoram – Mantzourana Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Mantzourana, μαντζουράνα, pronounced mahnd-zoo-RAH-nah, also spelled matzourana (ματζουράνα), and pronounced mahd-zoo-RAH-nah At the market: Marjoram is usually available as whole dried leaves and floral parts, and in powdered form. Fresh marjoram is sometimes available at green grocers. If you have space in your kitchen, in your garden, on a window sill, […]

Reci Cyprus recipe

Reci is the traditional cyprus dessert made on the weddings evends. Ingredients: 2 1 / 2 pounds veal or lamb or pork or chicken, according to your preference [may include the tail of sheep (vakla)] 3-4 kg wheat salt water Method: Wash well the meat, so no trace of blood or and place in bottom […]