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Arbaroriza – Kiouli – Scented pelargonium

Arbaroriza – Kiouli - scented pelargonium

Arbaroriza (Pelargonium graveolens), called kiouli in Cyprus,  is one of my favourite plants and it is so common in Greece  and Cyprus that you will surely find one in most gardens or balconies,  planted in pots or directly in the garden.

Scented geraniums belong to the Geraniaceae family but they should not be confused with other species of geraniums. The best time to plant them is during Spring and it is simple to plant them as you just cut a branch without flowers and put it in the soil. It does not need frequent watering but it should be exposed  to the sun for a couple of hours during the day. It is not resistant to temperatures  below -0o C / 30o F, so you will need to protect it from the frost by either  covering it or putting it indoors.

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