Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Greek Coffees,Teas,Spirits and Other Drinks

Learn about traditional thick Greek coffee, aromatic (and therapeutic) herbal teas, and the wide selection of Greek aperitifs, wines, and spirits. Spirits: Ouzo:Greek philosophy Greece’s favorite anise flavored drink is potent and fiery and distinctly Greek. More than just an aperitif, ouzo is a social phenomenon and a cultural mainstay of Greece. Retsina: Greek Wine […]

Anise – Glikanisos

Greek name and pronunciation: Glykaniso, γλυκάνισο, pronounced glee-KAH-nee-so At the market: Dried and ground anise seed are usually available in small disposable bags or in sprinkle-pour bottles. Physical characteristics: Originally from Asia and North Africa, the anise plant grows to between 19.5 and 31.5 inches tall, with leaves that originate at the base of the […]

How to cook shrimp or prawn

We have many prawn recipes that are popular in Greece, cooked with pasta, grilled on the barbecue or several recipes for frying, such as with garlic butter, or crumbed. If you only want simple cooked prawns to eat hot or cold, where you can taste the freshness of the seafood then this is where to […]

Cypriot Traditional Meat

Loukanika (village sausages) are made from selected fresh pork meat, wine, salt and spices. The pork meat is minced, marinated with coriander seeds, black pepper and salt and then left to mature in dry red wine for 7-15 days so that the meat, spices and wine are perfectly blended. Filling the well-washed pork intestines requires skill […]

Zivania the AuthenticCypriot Spirit

Its Cypriot story Zivania is a traditional alcoholic beverage, which has been produced for centuries in Cyprus by distillation, and has played an important role in the everyday life of Cypriots. Zivania is a strong drink, high in alcoholic content which according to tradition (also adopted by the 1998 Regulations for the Control of zivania) […]

Mint – Dyosmos Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Dyosmos, δυόσμος, pronounced thee-OHZ-mohs (hard th sound) At the market: Spearmint is the most common mint found in markets, and the most commonly used in Greek cooking. It is sold in both dried and fresh form, and if fresh is available, it is preferred. It is also a good choice for […]