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Lathotyri Mytilinis – Greek Cheese

Lathotyri is a light yellow cheese with a strong flavor. It is lightly salted. The distinguishing characteristic of lathotyri is that it is aged and stored in olive oil, thus the name: latho from the word for “oil” and tyri meaning “cheese.” It is made with sheep milk or a combination of sheep and goat milk.


Lathotyri Mytilinis Greek Cheese

Greek name and pronunciation:

Λαδοτύρι, pronounced lah-thoh-TEE-ree

Alternate spellings: ladotiro, lathotyro, lathotiro

At the market:

Lathotyri is sold in small head-shaped balls, or sliced to order. It can be found at Greek or ethnic grocers, and sometimes at organic grocery stores.

Using Lathotyri:

Most often used as a table cheese, lathotyri is also used as an ingredient in stuffing for rabbit, and grated, it can be used in filled pies with other ingredients. It can also be used as a cheese addition to bechamel sauce to cover baked vegetable casseroles.

Substitutes for Lathotyri:

If the recipe calls for grated lathotyri, substitute with grated kefalotyri or parmesan

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