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Kopanisti – Greek Cheese

Kopanisti is a white or blue-white cheese that is produced without the use of machines. Made from full-fat sheep, goat, or cow milk (or a combination), salt and ground pepper are added before aging-curing, giving it a strong flavor. It is made only in the Cyclades Islands.

The Greek island of Mykonos is famous for its kopanisti, where it is often sold in terra cotta pots.

Kopanisti - Greek Cheese

Kopanisti – Greek Cheese

Greek name and pronounciation:

κοπανιστή, pronounced koh-pah-nee-STEE

At the market:

This soft blue-white cheese has a creamy texture and a strong peppery flavor, similar to Roquefort. It has no external rind or coating, and is produced with an irregular shape.Composition

  • moisture: 60.4%
  • fat: 19.4%
  • protein: 16.7%,
  • salt: 3%

Using Kopanisti:

Kopanisti is a table cheese, an ingredient in filled pies (pitas), and a flavorful component of mezethes (hors d’oeuvres), a loyal companion to Ouzo.

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