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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Lucanian Sausages (Apicius) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe: Apicius, #61: Lucanicae: … Teritur piper, cuminum, satureia, ruta, petroselinum, condimentum, bacae lauri, liquamen, et admiscetur pulpa bene tunas ita ut denuo bene cum ipso subtrito fricetur. Cum liquamine admixto, pipere integro et abundanti pinguedine et nucleis incies in intestinum perquam tenuatim perductum, et sic ad fumum suspenditur. Translation: [Lucanian Sausages: … Pepper is ground with […]

Hot Peppers – Kafteres piperies

Greek name and pronunciation: kafteres piperies, καυτερές πιπεριές, pronounced kahf-ter-ES pee-peh-reeYES At the market: Hot peppers are available in a variety of forms – fresh, dried, coarsely ground, flaked, and powdered. They come in a range of colors and sizes. Physical characteristics: The size, shape and color of hot peppers depends upon the variety and […]

Cinnamon – Kanela

Greek name and pronunciation: Kanela, κανέλα, pronounced kah-NEL-ah At the market: Cinnamon is available in powdered and stick (quill) form (sticks are usually 2- to 6-inch long sections of dried bark). The essential oil of cinnamon is sometimes available. Physical characteristics: Ground cinnamon has a tan color. Quills, made from dried cork-like outer tree bark, […]

Cypriot Traditional Meat

Loukanika (village sausages) are made from selected fresh pork meat, wine, salt and spices. The pork meat is minced, marinated with coriander seeds, black pepper and salt and then left to mature in dry red wine for 7-15 days so that the meat, spices and wine are perfectly blended. Filling the well-washed pork intestines requires skill […]

Sage – Faskomilo Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Faskomilo, φασκόμηλο, pronounced fahs-KOH-mee-lo At the market: Sage is available as fresh or dried leaves. Dried sage is usually available in either coarse ground or powder form. Buy fresh sage that is strongly scented. Refrigerate wrapped in a paper towel in a sealable plastic bag, to keep usable for up to […]

Marjoram – Mantzourana Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Mantzourana, μαντζουράνα, pronounced mahnd-zoo-RAH-nah, also spelled matzourana (ματζουράνα), and pronounced mahd-zoo-RAH-nah At the market: Marjoram is usually available as whole dried leaves and floral parts, and in powdered form. Fresh marjoram is sometimes available at green grocers. If you have space in your kitchen, in your garden, on a window sill, […]