Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Fennel Root Tart – Tarta Marathoriza

In Greek: τάρτα μαραθόριζα, say: TAR-tah mah-rah-THOH-ree-zah Fennel root, often sold as “anise” is a fabulous winter vegetable with a light licorice taste and smell. Often used in salads, and as a complementary taste with fish, it has been well known and loved in Greek cooking since ancient times, where both the root and leaves […]

Fennel – Marathos Leaves

Greek name and pronunciation: Maratho, μάραθο, pronounced MAH-rah-thoh (soft th sound)Wild fennel is also known as malathro (μάλαθρο, say: MAH-lah-throh) At the market: The most commonly used fennel leaves in Greek cooking are fresh, sold in bunches or attached to the root. It is sometimes sold under the name “anise” because of the similarity in tastes, but […]

What Did the Ancient Greeks Eat

Question: What Did the Ancient Greeks Eat? Answer:The foods of ancient Greece were similar to foods we eat today, but did not include many that have become important parts of modern Greek cooking. For example, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and bananas didn’t arrive in Greece until after the discovery of the Americas in the 15th century, because […]

Mahlab – Mahlepi

Greek name and pronunciation: Mahlepi, μαχλέπι, pronounced mah-LEH-pee At the market: In the U.S., mahlab kernels or powder may be available in larger markets, or in specialty groceries catering to Mediterranean and/or Middle Eastern cuisines. Mahlab may also be marketed as “St. Lucie Cherry Kernels,” or “ground cherry stones.” Physical characteristics: Mahlab kernels are 5 […]

Greek Food And Drink Glossary

Now, when you entertain people to a Greek meal, you can impress them with your knowledge of Greek! The letters in bold italics show where the accent should go when you pronounce it. almond – ameegdalo (soft d) aniseed – anitho apple – meelo apricot – vereekoko artichoke – aggeenara (hard g) asparagus – sparangee (hard […]

Cooking With Ouzo

Ouzo, the national drink of Greece, is an anise flavored liqueur that packs a powerful punch behind a delightful licorice taste. Ouzo also brings a hint of that licorice taste, in a light and supporting role, to many recipes, adding a surprising freshness that enhances rather than overwhelms. Ouzo has a strong taste and high alcohol […]

The main herbs of Cyprus and their uses

Shinos – Σχίνος (Pistacia lentiscus) Arbaroriza – Kiouli – Scented pelargonium Marjoram Makes an excellent tea and is widely used as seasoning in cooking. Resembles oregano and combines perfectly with meat, fish and pasta dishes. It aids digestion, helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, soothes the throat and is diuretic. Oregano The most popular […]

Vegetables & Pulse Greek recipes

Boiled/Stewed Veggie Sides Stewed Green Beans and Zucchini Lahano Katsarolas: Stewed Cabbage with Mint Hortarika sto Fourno: Oven-Stewed Mixed Vegetables Horta me Kolokythakia: Greens with Baby Zucchini Arakas me Anitho: Dilled Peas with Peppers Arakas me Aginares: Dilled Peas with Artichoke Hearts Creamed Mixed Greens with Smoked Bacon & Yogurt Broccoli with Latholemono (Oil and […]