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Ouzo – More than a Greek drink, it’s a Greek philosophy

Greece for Visitors Guide, deTraci Regula, calls Ouzo “Greek lightning fit for Zeus’s thunderbolts.” Learn about this exclusively Greek licorice-flavored liqueur that packs quite a punch

Ouzo Greece’s Most Popular Alcoholic Drink

Greece’s favorite anise flavored drink is potent and fiery and distinctly Greek. More than just an aperitif, ouzo is a social phenomenon and a cultural mainstay of Greece.

Cooking with Ouzo

Ouzo, Greece’s famous anise flavored liqueur, adds a surprisingly fresh taste when used as an ingredient in recipes for foods ranging from seafood to sweets.

Entertaining with Ouzo

Turning your home into an authentic Greek ouzeri for an evening is easy to do. Here’s what you need to know to do it in style, from the traditions of serving ouzo to suggested mezethes to recipes for cocktails containing ouzo.

Drinks Made with Ouzo

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