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How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells – From Hands and Kitchen

Handling and cooking some foods can leave strong smells on the hands and in the kitchen. Here are two quick and easy ways to get rid of most smells including garlic, fish and seafood, frying smells, and more:

Remove Smells on Hands

To remove smells after handling garlic, onions, fish, calamari, and many others, rub hands over something made of stainless steel. I use a strainer, but stainless utensils, pots, and colanders can be used as well.

Remove Smells from Cooking

Place a small bowl of vinegar in the kitchen. It does a great job removing smells from frying, cooking strong-smelling foods, and even burned foods. I use strong red wine vinegar.

Add a Great Smell

This bonus tip comes from my best friend who is a Greek real estate agent. Put a few whole coffee beans in a baking dish. Put in the oven and turn on low heat. Even those who don’t drink coffee will be enchanted by the aroma!

No more lingering cooking smells!

Ah, the smell of a delicious curry wafting through the house! I reckon it can do wonders for even the most jaded appetite.

Curry smells can be strong and while they are great when you’re cooking and hungry, they are less then desirable when you’re done with your meal. In other words, you don’t want to keep smelling the curry you made yesterday, for the rest of the week! What to do? Simply place a small, uncovered bowl of soda bicarbonate in a corner on the kitchen counter. It will absorb all the smells and leave your kitchen (and therefore the rest of your house) free of cooking smells.

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