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Greek Recipes for Cheese Pies, Spinach Pies, Meat Pies, & Croissants

Pites (pan-sized pies) and pitakia (small pies) are some of the most famous dishes in Greece. Thick and thin phyllo (filo) dough can either be used as layers of crust or wrapped around individual bites of tasty cheeses, greens, vegetables, or combinations.

Greek Phyllo Cheese Triangles – Tiropites

Delicious packets of crisp phyllo pastry wrapped around a savory cheese filling. Enjoy these Greek Phyllo Cheese Triangles at your next gathering.
A delicious phyllo pie made with spinach and feta cheese, Spanakopita is a classic Greek favorite that will work as an appetizer, side dish or even a light lunch or dinner.

Pita, Pites (plural), Pitaki, Pitakia (plural)

The words “pita” (plural “pites”) and their diminutives (“pitaki,” “pitakia”) are widely used in the names of Greek foods and should not be confused with “pita bread” which is entirely different. Learn about this Greek cooking basic.

Spanakopita Bites – Easy Spinach and Feta Cheese Appetizers

Spanakopita Bites are mini phyllo pastry shells filled with a delicious spinach and feta cheese filling. They are easy to prepare and can be a quick and easy alternative to rolling and wrapping individual phyllo triangles.

Homemade Phyllo Dough

Phyllo dough is easy to make, and the difference when using it to make pitas and pastries is remarkable in taste and in ease of handling.

Cheese Pie from Sfakia Crete – Sfakianopites

Sfakia is an area in southwestern Crete which is famous for its traditions and culture. This local recipe for small fried cheese pies calls for ouzo and myzithra cheese.

Feta Croissants – Krouasan me Feta

Croissants with a feta cheese filling are very easy to make with packaged croissant dough, and simply easy with homemade dough. They are delicious for breakfast, brunch, and on a buffet or cocktail table.

Honey Coconut Turnovers – Skaltsounes me Karytha

Turnovers (“skaltsounes”) are Greek favorites and can be sweet or savory. This sweet version is a simple recipe calling for flour, sugar, eggs, olive oil (no butter), baking powder, coconut, and honey.

Pistachio Turnovers – Skaltsounia me Fystikia Aiginis

The Greek island of Aigina is famous for its pistachio nuts and this simple recipe showcases them beautifully.

Savory Turnovers with Spinach or Greens and Herbs – Hortopitakia

Hortopitakia are small savory turnovers made with aromatic herbs and greens, including spinach. They are easy to make with homemade or commercial phyllo, and can be made ahead of time and frozen until ready to cook.

Sweet Cheese & Honey Pies – Myzithropitakia

This recipe for small cheese pies (pitakia) drizzled with honey calls for fresh, soft myzithra, a favorite dessert cheese. Can’t find myzithra cheese? Try ricotta cheese. Follow step-by-step instructions with photos to make this delicious dessert or snack.

“Turban” Cheese Pie – Sarikopita

These cheese pies contain no sugar, either in the filling or the dough (homemade phyllo or a heavier weight commercial phyllo) and are a good choice for diabetics (without the optional dusting of confectioner’s sugar).

Spanakopita: Spinach & Cheese Pie

Entertaining Guide Donna Pilato suggests this spinach and feta cheese pie as a first course or side dish, and it is also great as a snack.

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