Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Garlic Sauce from Corfu

AYIATHA TIS KERKYRAS Another take on the pan-Mediterranean garlic sauce that accompanies fried fish and boiled vegetables. But Corfu’s version of ayiatha, as it is pronounced in the local dialect, calls for bread and almonds, as opposed to potatoes, as the base. Vinegar makes this garlic sauce slightly harsher in flavor than those that call for lemon juice. Locals tend to […]

Garlic-and-Potato Sauce from Cephalonia

ALIATHA TIS KEFALONIAS This is nothing more than the island’s own skordalia, the pungent dipping sauce made with potatoes and lots of garlic. Two things define the Cephalonian version: Aliatha is always made with potatoes and always with fish broth, preferably made from cod bones. It has a strong, acidic flavor since Greeks are not shy about using either garlic or […]

Bread or Rusks with Vinegar, Olive Oil, and Salted Sardines from Lefkada

RIGANATHA APO TIN LEFKADA This is another simple bread snack that was the traditional afternoon meal among field hands and farmers in Lefkada. Islanders will tell you proudly that riganatha isn’t made anywhere else in Greece, and they are right. Unique to this dish is its dressing—rose water vinegar. For the rose water vinegar: The traditional way of making this was […]

Crumbled Feta Spread on Bread from Zakynthos

PRETZA ME PSOMI Pretza is a local feta cheese product made in Zakynthos and Cephalonia, something akin to cream cheese but pungent and peppery. You can find it in several cheese shops in Athens, but it is nowhere to be found in America. You can make an ersatz version by mixing crumbled feta with a little ricotta or fresh Greek myzithra […]

Rose Petal Jam – ROTHOZAHARI

Ingredients: 1/2 pound unsprayed young pink rose petals 2 pounds sugar 1 cup water Juice of 2 lemons Method: Place the petals, in batches, in a large sieve or colander and shake so that any excess dirt, pollen, and stamens fall out. Place the cleaned petals in a large basin and sprinkle with the sugar. (This may also have […]

Rose Water for Beautiful Skin

Rose water has been used throughout history by women around the world. Cleopatra used it to keep her skin dewy and supple during her reign as queen of Egypt. It was used as a means to cool hot angry skin in the summer heat as well as for its ability to smooth and brighten complexions. […]

How To Reduce a Recipe

Unfortunately, most recipes are geared towards families of four to six. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, leftovers can be good. And when you’re cooking for one or two a freezer can be your best friend. Nevertheless, there are times when you want to reduce a recipe and fortunately, that’s not particularly difficult. Difficulty: Easy Time […]

How to Boil Water

It may sound like a no-brainer but boiling water to make various dishes isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Here are tips to make sure that boiling water is perfect for that Greek recipe you’re planning to cook. The two basic “boils” Although water boils at 212°F and only then is it a […]