Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Greek – style Nachos

This is a fun party recipe that I’ve adapted from food writer Mark Bittman. If you were expecting scary orange cheese slathered over lackluster tortilla chips, then I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed. Perfect for the casual get together or even as a light meal, these “nachos” are sure to be a favorite. Prep Time: 30 minutes […]

Fried Manouri Cheese – Manouri Tiganto

Manouri is a Greek goat’s cheese and is made by the goat herders and their families, and sold at the local markets. Its flavour is delicious and as an appetiser it is wonderful. this traditional Greek recipe is enough for 4 persons. Ingredients: 500grams of Manouri Cheese (or other goats cheese if not available) 1 […]

Pita me Feta: Feta Cheese Pie

In Greek: πίτα με φέτα, pronounced PEE-tah meh FEH-tah More like a quiche than a cheese pie, this is an easy dish to prepare using an electric mixer. It’s a great snack to enjoy with coffee, and for those who eat breakfast (unlike most Greeks), try this to start your day. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes […]

Spanakopita Bites – Easy Spinach and Feta Cheese Appetizers

Spanakopita Bites are mini phyllo pastry shells filled with a delicious spinach and feta cheese filling. They are easy to prepare and can be a quick and easy alternative to rolling and wrapping individual phyllo triangles. Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes Yield: Approximately 45 pieces Ingredients: 1 lb. spinach, chopped (you can substitute frozen, thawed […]

Phyllo Cheese Triangles – Tiropites

In our house, Dad is known as the “cheese triangle wizard.” Growing up, I would marvel at how quickly and efficiently he could butter and fold the phyllo (FEE-loh) sheets into neat little triangle packets. This is the recipe that I have adapted from my Dad. There are many, many different variations, however this is our family […]

Favorite Greek Finger Foods

Greeks love to sit around a table of small plates of delicious food, sharing the food and good company. Here are some favorite dishes that require no utensils. Just grab and enjoy! Listed in alphabetical order. 1. 3-Cheese Eggplant Appetizer Rolls – Bourekakia Melitzanas A mixture of three delicious cheeses marks the filling for thin […]

Chicken pies

There are a multitude of different fillings, according to the season and the occasion. The pastry used to wrap them also varies, from the paper-thin fillo pastry found in the cities to permutations of homemade puff pastry, or a simple, homemade substitute for fillo. Fillo pastry freezes well and it will keep frozen for up to […]

Chicken Phyllo Pie – Kotopita

If you are bored with the same old chicken recipes, then you need to try Kotopita (koh-TOH-pee-tah). This is a savory pie made with a moist and flavorful chicken filling topped with flaky phyllo dough sheets and baked to a lovely golden brown. You can serve this as a lunch or dinner entree in larger wedges, […]