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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Sliced Feta with Oregano and Olive Oil

An appetizer or side dish in two minutes

Whatever else is on your table as an appetizer or main meal, add a slice of feta cheese. Feta is the ultimate “table cheese,” meaning it can go on the table before you even start thinking about a meal, and stay there to accompany each course, even dessert fruits.

Feta cheese with oregano and olive oil

Feta cheese with oregano and olive oil

This non-cook “recipe” puts an authentic touch of Greece on your table in two minutes.

Put a 1/2 inch slice of feta cheese on a salad plate. Serve it plain, or sprinkle with oregano (and pepper if you like), and drizzle with olive oil.

Feta is a salty cheese that adds flavor to whatever else you’ve got on the menu, and an authentic Greek touch to your table.

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