Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Greek Spiced Fig Cakes – Sykomaïtha

In Greek: συκομαϊδα, pronounced see-koh-ma-EE-thah (hard “th”) Traditionally, these little bundles of spiced figs wrapped in fig leaves are dried in the sun, but a slow oven does a great job. Once cooked, these will stay fresh and edible up to a year. Although the list of ingredients is slightly long, they are easy to […]

Small Fried Liver Morsels – Sykotakia Tiganita

In Greek: συκωτάκια τηγανητά, pronounced see-ko-TAHK-yah tee-ghah-nee-TAH This delicious meze goes especially well with wine. For lamb and kid liver, add a squeeze of lemon juice. For pork and calf liver, sprinkle with vinegar. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes Ingredients: 1 pound of liver (lamb, kid, calf, or pork) flour for dredging olive oil […]

Homemade Fig Jam – Marmelatha Syko

NGREDIENTS: 1kgr figs 1\2 kgr sugar 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice METHOD: Peel the figs and cut into small pieces. In a saucepan, place the figs, the sugar, stir well and let them boil over medium heat. Remove the foam (if there is any). Shortly before jam thickens, add the lemon juice and stir. Allow […]

Greek and Cypriot Jam recipes

Fig jam – Marmelada Syko Homemade Fig Jam with Nuts – Marmelatha Syko Homemade Tomato Jam – Marmelada Ntomatas Homemade Peach Jam – Marmelatha Rothakino Orange Jam – Marmelatha Portokali – Method 2 Orange Jam – Marmelatha Portokali – Method 1 Quince Jam – Marmelatha Kithoni Homemade Watermelon Jam – Marmelatha Karpouzi Strawberry Jam – […]

Lamb and Goat greek recipes

Greek Cuts of Lamb Diagram and Translations Cooking with Lamb – Greek Cooking Tips Goat Stewed with Onions and Whole Garlic  Goat with Onions and Olive Oil  Easter Lamb Roasted with Artichokes and Potatoes  Roasted Leg of Lamb with Wine, Garlic, Allspice, and Cheese Paithakia me Thymari: Grilled  Chops with Thyme Rub Arni meh Aginares: […]

Greek Desserts

Coffee Cake-Style Cakes (9) Cookies & Biscotti (16) Donuts, Puffs, and Other Fried Dough Sweets (12) Ices & Ice Creams (4) Pancakes & Crepes (3) Amigdalota (Greek Almond Macaroons) Apple Baklava Greek and Cypriot Jam recipes Greek Ek Mek Sweet – Ekmek Kataifi Custard in Fillo Pastry – Galaktoboureko Christmas Pudding – Xristougenniatiki Poutinga Greek Lemon & Yogurt Cake – […]

The Meze (Appetizers & Starters)

 More than appetizers (orektika in Greek), although the dishes are often the same, the meze is an accompaniment to beverages – usually alcoholic – and mezethes (plural) are often combined to make an entire meal. Each meze is served on a small plate (more than one plate for a large group), and the choice of […]