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Lenten Sugared Shortbread Cookies with Almonds

Kourabiethes Nistisimoi In Greek: κουραμπιέδες νηστίσιμες, pronounced koo-rahm-bee-YEH-thes nee-STEE-see-mes Adapting recipes to meet Greek dietary restrictions during Lent and other periods of “fasting” (as they are called in Greek) doesn’t mean giving up taste and texture. And it doesn’t mean not eating delicious foods. Kourabiethes, sugared shortbread cookies, are favorites at the holidays made with butter and […]

Sugared Cookies with Almonds & Cinnamon

Kourabiethes me Amygthala & Kanela In Greek: κουραμπιέδες με αμύγδαλα και κανέλα, say: koo-rahb-YEH-thes meh ah-MEEGH-thah-lah keh kah-NEH-lah Kourabiethes are celebration cookies: they are prepared at Christmas, baptisms, and weddings. This recipe for these shortbread-type cookies is packed with toasted almonds, includes the taste of cinnamon, and calls for the traditional coating of lots of confectioner’s […]

Soumatha – Traditional Almond Drink Recipe

Soumatha (soo-MAH-tha) is a soft drink made from ground sweet and bitter almonds. Traditionally served at happy occasions, Soumatha is very popular at weddings and engagements because of its distinctive white color. When I asked around town for a traditional recipe, I was directed to Kyria (Mrs.) Anna Simboura who is famed to make the best […]

Stuffed Vegetables with Rice & Crushed Almonds – Yemista me Amygthalopsiha

In Greek: γεμιστά με αμυγδαλώψηχα, pronounced yeh-mee-STAH meh ah-meegh-thah-LOHP-see-hah This recipe for Stuffed Vegetables (yemista) uses crushed roasted almonds in the filling, which give a wonderful flavor to the vegetables – and a wonderful aroma while cooking! Cook Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Ingredients: 2 large green bell peppers 5 medium zucchini + 1 small […]

Grape Spoon Sweet with Slivered Almonds

 Glyko Stafyli me Amygthala In Greek: γλυκό σταφύλι με αμύγδαλα, pronounced ghlee-KOH stah-FEE-lee meh ah-MEEGH-thah-lah This spoon sweet is my family’s favorite. The toasted almonds add a wonderful flavor to the mix. We make it during the September grape harvest, and store it in jars to serve throughout the year. To increase the recipe, multiply […]

How To Make Blanched Almonds

Many Greek recipes call for blanched almonds, raw almonds with the skin removed. Blanching almonds isn’t difficult and doesn’t take very long. Difficulty: Easy Time Required: About 20 minutes start to finish for 1/2 pound of almonds Here’s How: Bring a saucepan of water to a boil and remove from heat. Add raw shelled almonds and let […]

Almond Cookies – Amygthalota

In Greek: αμυγδαλωτά, pronounced ah-meegh-thah-loh-TAH These are favorite cookies all over Greece. The recipe calls for blanched almonds, sugar, egg whites, lemon juice, bread crumbs, and self-rising flour. The key to working with the dough (which is very granular) is to coat hands with seed oil (sunflower or other) while forming the cookies so the dough doesn’t […]