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Octapodi Ksithato (Pickled Octopus)


  • Select one or more Octopus (preferably fresh) according to how much you want to make.
  • They must be well beaten and tenderized.
  • Wash well and put it in a pot with some water.
  • Octopuses discharge their own broth which they cook in.
  • Add some water if octopus does not discharge any water.
  • Cook for about an hour on low heat or until they are tender.
  • Before removing from heat add some salt.
  • Strain (keep broth) and let it cool.
  • Cut in pieces and put in glass jar.
  • For every quarter broth (use the broth they cooked in) add three quarter white vinegar.
  • Pour in jar until octopus is covered.
  • Add some olive oil on top for protection and store in a cool place.
  • When serving, cut in smaller pieces and dress with olive oil.
Pickled Octopus

Pickled Octopus

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