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How to Divide an Egg (when decreasing recipe quantities)

Greek recipes, especially for cookies, are often made in large quantities. Decreasing the quantity is usually a simple matter of dividing ingredients, but what happens when the recipe calls for a number of eggs, egg yolks, or egg whites that doesn’t divide evenly?

Not the best way to divide an egg!

Not the best way to divide an egg!

It’s easy.

Measure them and divide by volume.

  • Mix egg (white and yolk together or separately, as called for in the recipe) gently with a fork, and pour into a measuring cup or spoon.
  • Measure out only the amount you need (half, third, quarter, etc.).

Save leftovers for omelets, meringues, or other dishes!

For more information on downsizing recipes, see How to Reduce a Recipe from our Guide to Cooking for Two.

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