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Combine Dried Fruits and Nuts to Make Greek Mezethes or Party Snacks

In Greece, we love nuts! Little nut shops abound where, not coincidentally, dried fruits are also sold. The combination of dried fruits and nuts is a Greek favorite, and while there are many wonderful Greek dishes to serve at a party, these should not be overlooked.

Little dishes with nuts – mixed or one type – and dried fruits are always appropriate, and you might want to try these delicious combinations:

  • Dried apricots and almonds: Stuff each apricot with a whole almond.
  • Dried figs with walnuts: Stuff each fig with a whole walnut.
  • Prunes with walnuts: Stuff each prune with a whole walnut.
  • Sultana raisins and nuts: Combine equal parts of whole walnuts (my favorite) or hazelnuts with sultana (golden seedless) raisins and serve in bowls.

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