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Touloumotyri – Greek Cheese

Touloumotyri is a goat cheese made throughout the Aegean. It is a moist cheese that takes its name from the goat hide (touloumi) in which it is ripened and stored. It is similar in texture to feta but sweeter because of the way it is cured. It is one of the oldest varieties of cheese in Greece.

Touloumotyri - Greek Cheese

Touloumotyri – Greek Cheese

Greek name and pronounciation:

τουλουμοτύρι, pronounced too-loo-moh-TEE-ree

At the market:

Touloumotyri is a soft cheese that ranges in color from very white to a pinkish color, depending on the level of acidity. The pinker the color, the higher the acidity.

Using Touloumotyri:

Touloumotyri can be used wherever feta is used; however, it is not in great supply.

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