Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Saffron – Safora or Safrani

Greek name and pronunciation: zafora or safrani, ζαφορά or σαφράνι, pronounced zah-for-AH or sah-FRAH-nee At the market: Saffron is sold in small packs of threads or in powdered form. Physical characteristics: Dried saffron threads range from orange-red to yellow, are between 1″ – 1.5″ long, and are shaped like pieces of very thin and cooked […]

Make Your Own Grape Must – Moustos

In Greek: μούστος, pronounced MOO-stohs Moustos is made using the juice squeezed from fresh grapes. In Greece, we make large quantities during the September grape harvest, and it’s a great project for kids. It freezes well, and can be used throughout the year. Moustos is used to make petimezi, a grape syrup known since ancient times that is […]

Cure Your Own Olives

With the exception of Throubes (an olive from the island of Thassos that’s picked when fully mature), olives straight off the tree are hard and bitter. Curing is what removes the bitterness. Once cured, olives can be stored with flavorings (lemon, oregano, garlic, and others), but the first step is the curing. Ancient Greeks cured olives by […]

Tarragon – Estragon

Greek name and pronunciation: Estragon, εστραγκόν, pronounced es-trah-GON At the market: Tarragon is sold fresh and dried. Physical characteristics: Fresh (French) tarragon leaves are bright green and approximately 1″ long and 1/4″-1/2″ wide. The leaves have a tendency to curl when dried. This 2-3 foot perennial has light golden ball-shaped flowers, approximately 1/2″ in diameter, […]

Horta Vrasta – Boiled Leafy Greens

Boiled greens or Horta vrasta (HOR-tah vrah-STAH) are a staple in any Greek household. These are easy to prepare and when dressed with a bit of olive oil and lemon, you will really enjoy the clean, pure taste. Like spinach, boiled greens wilt and reduce when cooked to a fraction of their original quantity. For four ample servings, […]

Xerotigana: Honey-Dipped Spiral Pastries

In Greek: ξεροτήγανα, pronounced kseh-roh-TEE-ghah-nah The end result of this recipe for honey-dipped spiral pastries is similar to that for thiples, but the dough for xerotigana does not usually contain eggs, and the recipe does not contain any hard-to-find ingredients. And the pastries are fabulous. Quick-fried spirals of the thinnest dough are dipped in a honey syrup and […]

Thiples: Fried Honey Pastries

In Greek: δίπλες, pronounced THEE-ples These light, crunchy pieces of fried pastry dough are a delicious sweet to serve with coffee, as a party food, and as a snack. Thiples can be made in different shapes, the most common being bow ties and spirals (done here). Prep Time: 45 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes Ingredients: 4 […]