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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Tabaahaja Byzantine recipe

Serves four. This recipe, from the manuscript of Yahya ibn Khalid al-Barmaki, makes striking use of murri,the indigenous Middle Eastern barley “soy sauce.” Most dishes flavored with murri were vinegary, but this is the exception, being quite sweet. The result is surprisingly reminiscent of a Chinese “red-stewed” meat dish. The name comes from the Persian word for […]

Lamb – Cyprus recipes

Arni me Kounoupithi (Lamb with Cauliflower) Arni me Fasolakia (Lamb with Green Beans) Arni Kokinisto (Lamb in Tomato Sauce) Arni Kleftiko (1)(Oven Baked Lamb) Kleftico (2) Cyprus Ttavas (Cumin Lamb Casserole) Tavva (Baked Lamb & Potatoes (or rice) with Tomatoes and Onions) Arni sto Fourno (Leg of Lamb) Arni Souvla (Lamb on the Spit) Original […]