Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Pumpkin Bread – Psomi me Kolokitha

This recipe for pumpkin bread is unlike one you may have tried before. Most pumpkin breads are more like sweet cake than bread. This recipe makes a traditional loaf of bread that’s slightly sweet and absolutely wonderful toasted and served with jam or preserves. You will need a cup of pumpkin puree to make the […]

Cheesy Cornbread – Bobota me Tyri

Bobota (bo-BOH-tah) is a rustic country cornbread that can be served on the sweet or savory side. The sweet version often has a honey-orange syrup. This version incorporates delicious Kasseri, Kefalotyri, and Feta cheese and can be served alone as a quick breakfast or as a savory side dish to dinner. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes […]

Bobota: Simple Cornbread

In Greek: μπομπότα, pronounced bo-BOH-tah Depending on the region of Greece and local customs, the word bobota can mean anything from cornmeal to any bread or polenta-type dish made with cornmeal. Cornmeal recipes were very popular during times of hardship, and bobota is considered by many to be a “peasant” dish. This basic recipe has a little sugar, but […]

Greek – style Nachos

This is a fun party recipe that I’ve adapted from food writer Mark Bittman. If you were expecting scary orange cheese slathered over lackluster tortilla chips, then I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed. Perfect for the casual get together or even as a light meal, these “nachos” are sure to be a favorite. Prep Time: 30 minutes […]

Kasseri – Greek Cheese

Kasseri cheese is a medium texture, slightly tart, table cheese that is popular in Greek cuisine. Its color ranges from off white to slightly yellow, depending on how long it has been aged and the type of milk that is used. Kasseri is usually aged for at least four months, until it develops a hard consistency like Parmesan or Romano cheese. A […]

Katiki – Greek Cheese

Katiki is a creamy white cheese made from goat’s milk or a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk. It has a salt content of 1%. Greek name and pronunciation: Κατίκι, pronounced kah-TEE-kee At the market: Katiki Domokou can be found commercially in Greek and Mediterranean markets, or ethnic grocers and cheese specialty shops. Using Katiki: […]