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Byzantine Cuisine – Diverse tastes

The Byzantines were known for their refined and diverse tastes which were frowned upon by the clergy, at least during the first centuries. Later things changed, and bishops and abbots were among those to indulge in gastronomic delights. As usual, meat was a favorite food and game figured prominently on the Byzantine table. Recipes at […]

Byzantine Couisine – Encyclopedia

Byzantine food refers to the food of Byzantine, a part of Roman Empire. The food is the result of the fusion of Roman and Greek cooking styles. With the development of Byzantine trade and empire, various kinds of new vegetables and spices, along with sugar, were brought in the region, which eventually led to the […]

Lucanian Sausages (Apicius) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe: Apicius, #61: Lucanicae: … Teritur piper, cuminum, satureia, ruta, petroselinum, condimentum, bacae lauri, liquamen, et admiscetur pulpa bene tunas ita ut denuo bene cum ipso subtrito fricetur. Cum liquamine admixto, pipere integro et abundanti pinguedine et nucleis incies in intestinum perquam tenuatim perductum, et sic ad fumum suspenditur. Translation: [Lucanian Sausages: … Pepper is ground with […]