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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Turkey Soup with Egg-Lemon Sauce

GALOPOULA AVGOLEMONO Sometime after the sixteenth century, turkey arrived in Corfu from the West. There is some disagreement as to who first brought it. If its name is any indication, then the turkey came with the French, since its name in Greek, galopoula, translates literally as “French bird.” Regardless of its provenance, today it is still the Christmas meal in Corfu. […]

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Lahanodolmathes

In Greek: λαχανοντολμάδες, pronounced lah-hah-no-dol-MAH-thes Stuffed cabbage with ground beef and rice are covered with a traditional egg and lemon (avgolemono) sauce. Conventional Greek wisdom is that the best cabbage can be found after the first frost, so all versions of stuffed cabbage are winter favorites. In Northern Greece, stuffed cabbage called yiaprakia(γιαπράκια, say: yah-PRAHK-yah), are […]

Egg and Lemon Sauce (simple)

Avgolemono is the excellent Greek sauce that has no equal, it is the finest, most delicate and delicious sauce you can taste. It can transform the plainest soup or casserole into a meal that is divine. Avgo meaning egg and lemoni meaning lemon, are the 2 ingredients that this sauce is made of, which is then […]

Greek soups with meat

With Chicken Chicken Soup – Kotosoupa Greek Chicken Soup – Kotosoupa Chicken Liver & Rice Egg-Lemon Soup Greek Egg-Lemon Chicken Soup – Avgolemono Avgolemono soup With seafood Fish Soup: Red Snapper & Vegetables – Psarosoupa Kakavia – A flavourful fish soup. Kakavia – Fish and Vegetable Soup Island Soup – Soupa nisiotiki Fish Soup in creamy […]

Tripe Soup with Tomatoes – Patsas me Domata

In Greek: πατσάς, say: paht-SAHS Patsas, which came to Greece from Turkey in the 1920s, is tripe soup, and considered a classic winter hangover cure. Often made with hooves as well as tripe, this recipe uses only tripe. Some add egg-lemon sauce (avgolemono) and others addskorthostoubi (garlic crushed in vinegar), but I prefer this version with […]

Greek Chicken Soup – Kotosoupa

The most recognizable chicken soup in Greece is Avgolemono (ahv-goh-LEH-moh-no) or Egg-Lemon soup. With Avgolemono, the traditional broth is thickened with eggs and flavored with lemon to make a dense, creamy soup well suited to colder weather. This version is simpler, it’s not quite as heavy, but it still makes a hearty, chunky soup with a rich […]

Kakavia (fish soup) Byzantine Recipe

This is a fresh fish soup, which is improved by having as many different varieties of fish as possible. You can make it with salt or fresh water fish, but you will need at least 3 or 4 varieties for the best results. Ingredients: 1 cup scallions or leeks, sliced 1/2 cup olive oil 1/2 stalk fennel, […]