Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Lamb Burgers with Olives – Biftekia Arnisia me Elies

In Greek: μπιφτέκια αρνίσια με ελιές, say: beef-TEK-yah ar-NEES-yeeah meh ehl-YES This recipe for lamb burgers with olives is quick and easy to make, and the tart taste of black Greek Kalamata olives  gives the burgers an unexpected taste. The recipe makes 8 to 9 small burgers and serves 4. Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes Ingredients: […]

Lamb and Goat greek recipes

Greek Cuts of Lamb Diagram and Translations Cooking with Lamb – Greek Cooking Tips Goat Stewed with Onions and Whole Garlic  Goat with Onions and Olive Oil  Easter Lamb Roasted with Artichokes and Potatoes  Roasted Leg of Lamb with Wine, Garlic, Allspice, and Cheese Paithakia me Thymari: Grilled  Chops with Thyme Rub Arni meh Aginares: […]

What Did the Ancient Greeks Eat

Question: What Did the Ancient Greeks Eat? Answer:The foods of ancient Greece were similar to foods we eat today, but did not include many that have become important parts of modern Greek cooking. For example, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and bananas didn’t arrive in Greece until after the discovery of the Americas in the 15th century, because […]

Greek – style Nachos

This is a fun party recipe that I’ve adapted from food writer Mark Bittman. If you were expecting scary orange cheese slathered over lackluster tortilla chips, then I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed. Perfect for the casual get together or even as a light meal, these “nachos” are sure to be a favorite. Prep Time: 30 minutes […]

Kasseri – Greek Cheese

Kasseri cheese is a medium texture, slightly tart, table cheese that is popular in Greek cuisine. Its color ranges from off white to slightly yellow, depending on how long it has been aged and the type of milk that is used. Kasseri is usually aged for at least four months, until it develops a hard consistency like Parmesan or Romano cheese. A […]

Sesame-Seed Brittle – Pastelli – Peloponnesos

PASTELLI The Peloponnesos used to produce enough sesame to cover its needs for the production of one of its most famous local confections, pastelli. The sesame-seed brittle is a sweet whose roots clearly go back to the seed-and-honey and nut-and-honey desserts of the ancients. In these parts the confection is bound indelibly to one old local producer, Pastelli Lambo, who has a […]

Cypriot Mezedes – starters

Mezedes is a large selection of dishes with small helpings of varied foods, brought to the table as a progression of tastes and textures. The meal begins with black and green olives,tahini, skordalia (potato and garlic dip), humus, taramosalata (fish roe dip), and tzatziki, all served with chunks of fresh bread and a bowl of mixed salad. Some of the more […]

Top 10 Quick and Easy Greek Appetizers

These hot and cold appetizers have four things in common: they’re Greek favorites, they’re delicious, prep time is 15 minutes or less, and (if hot) combined prep/cook time is 30 minutes or less. 1. A Slice of Feta This is the ultimate Greek touch to any table, whether you’re serving appetizers or a full meal. Total […]

What to Serve with Ouzo: Mezethes

Small dishes of foods are always served with ouzo and can range from simple to elaborate. Here are a few suggestions: Cold No-Cook Mezethes Nuts and dried fruit Lathovrekto (Greek Bruschetta) Olive Paste Taramosalata Tomato and feta salad Chunks of Greek cheese(graviera and feta, especially) Cucumber slices Olives Tomato slices Crusty bread, breadsticks, pita wedges Hot Mezethes Baked potatoes […]