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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Great Green Beans – Fasolakia Lathera

Vegetable dishes that are cooked with olive oil and tomatoes are referred to as lathera (lah-the-RAH) in Greek, because the key ingredient is flavorful olive oil, or “lathi.” The most popular vegetable to make “lathera style” is the green bean, but you can try this dish with small zucchini, okra, or peppers as well. This version includes […]

Fresh Green Beans with Onions and Fresh Cream

FASOLAKIA FRESKA ME ANTHOGALA Anthogala, which is what the original recipe calls for, are the billows of cream that float atop fresh milk. Its Greek name translates as “milk blossom”; the French know it as fleur de crème. In the U.S. the best substitute is heavy cream. I found this recipe in a collection of old regional Greek dishes, and […]

Vegetables & Pulse Greek recipes

Boiled/Stewed Veggie Sides Stewed Green Beans and Zucchini Lahano Katsarolas: Stewed Cabbage with Mint Hortarika sto Fourno: Oven-Stewed Mixed Vegetables Horta me Kolokythakia: Greens with Baby Zucchini Arakas me Anitho: Dilled Peas with Peppers Arakas me Aginares: Dilled Peas with Artichoke Hearts Creamed Mixed Greens with Smoked Bacon & Yogurt Broccoli with Latholemono (Oil and […]

Vegetables & Pulse

Patates Poure (Mash Potatoes) Patates Fettes sto Fourno (Sliced Oven Potatoes) Patates Andinaktes (Tossed Potatoes) Manitaria Afelia (Mushrooms in Wine Sauce) Koupepia me Anthous Kolokithias (Stuffed Zucchini Flowers) Koupepia – Dolmathakia (Stuffed Vine Leaves) Black Eye Beans with Greens Fasolakia Yiahni (Green Beans in Tomato Sauce) Bamyes Me Saltsa (Okra in Tomato Sauce) Scrambled eggs […]

Lamb – Cyprus recipes

Arni me Kounoupithi (Lamb with Cauliflower) Arni me Fasolakia (Lamb with Green Beans) Arni Kokinisto (Lamb in Tomato Sauce) Arni Kleftiko (1)(Oven Baked Lamb) Kleftico (2) Cyprus Ttavas (Cumin Lamb Casserole) Tavva (Baked Lamb & Potatoes (or rice) with Tomatoes and Onions) Arni sto Fourno (Leg of Lamb) Arni Souvla (Lamb on the Spit) Original […]