Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Vine Leaves Stuffed with Salt Cod and Served with Tomato-Flavored Egg-and-Lemon Sauce (Peloponnesos)

DOLMATHES ME BAKALIARO KAI TOMATENIO AVGOLEMONO Ingredients: 1 piece salt cod fillet, about 21⁄2 pounds One 22-ounce jar vine leaves in brine 1⁄2 cup extra-virgin olive oil 3 cups finely chopped white and tender green parts of scallions 1⁄2 cup long-grain rice, preferably basmati 3 large firm, ripe tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and finely chopped or grated Salt and […]

Cyprus Recipes – Koupepia

Ingredients: 50 vine leaves 100-150 grams minced pork 3 quarters cup olive oil 1 small onion minced Parsley minced 1 quarter tea spoon pepper Mint (optional) 1 cup rice 1 tsp1 tomato sauce or 2 cups tomato 1 – 2 tblsp lemon juice 1 cup warm water 1 tsp salt Preparation Wash the vine leaves […]

Start with Fresh Grape Leaves

If you have access to grapevines – in a vineyard, on a grape arbor, or growing wild – you have a treasure trove of taste at hand! Grape leaves have been used in Greek cooking since ancient times, and abelofylla yemista (dolmades, stuffed grape leaves) are classics in Greek homes and restaurants around the world. Grape leaves can be used […]

Favorite Greek Finger Foods

Greeks love to sit around a table of small plates of delicious food, sharing the food and good company. Here are some favorite dishes that require no utensils. Just grab and enjoy! Listed in alphabetical order. 1. 3-Cheese Eggplant Appetizer Rolls – Bourekakia Melitzanas A mixture of three delicious cheeses marks the filling for thin […]