Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Khushkananaj (Almond Cake) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe: al-Baghdadi p. 212/14 Take fine white flour, and with every ratl mix three uqiya of sesame-oil (one part oil to four of flour), kneading into a firm paste. Leave to rise; then make into long loaves. Put into the middle of each loaf a suitable quantity of ground almonds and scented sugar mixed with rose water, […]

Hais (Date Kabobs) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe (al-Baghdadi p. 214/14) Take fine dry bread, or biscuit, and grind up well. Take a ratl of this, and three quarters of a ratl of fresh or preserved dates with the stones removed, together with three uqiya of ground almonds and pistachios. Knead all together very well with the hands. Refine two uqiya of sesame-oil, and […]

Carrot Paste Byzantine Recipe

(An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century) Take a ratl of carrots, of which you have cleaned the interior. Cook it in a ratl of water, some two boilings, then take it off the fire and let it dry a little, over a sieve. Add it to three ratls of honey, cleaned of its foam, and […]

White Sals (Walnut Dip) Byzantine Recipe

(A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks, Vol. 2, pg. Misc-3. It is one of the three recipes translated from Kitab al-Tabikh (The Book of Dishes): Oriental 5000 (British Library) pp.70b, 71a, 74b.) White sals. Walnut meats, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, white mustard, Tahini and lemon juice. Ingredients: 1 c. walnuts 2 (or 1 very large) cloves garlic […]

Lenticulam (Lentils With Leeks) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe: Aliter Lenticulam (Lentils Another Way): Apicius, #184 Cook the lentils, skim them, add leeks, green coriander; crush coriander seed, flea-bane, laser root, mint seed and rue seed moistened with vinegar; add honey, broth, vinegar, reduced must to taste; then oil, stirring until it is done, bind with roux, add green oil, sprinkle with pepper and serve. […]

Ius in Assaturae (For Roasted Meat) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe Assaturas: Apicius, #220 Assaturas: Mirtae siccae bacam extenteratam cum cumino, pipere, melle, liquamine, defrito et oleo teres et fervefactum amulas. Carnem elixam sale subassatam perfundis, piper aspargis et inferes. For Roasted Meat: Crush dried, pitted myrtle berries with cumin, pepper, honey, garum, defrutum, and oil; heat and thicken with starch. Boil the meat and then roast […]

Lucanian Sausages (Apicius) Byzantine Recipe

Original Recipe: Apicius, #61: Lucanicae: … Teritur piper, cuminum, satureia, ruta, petroselinum, condimentum, bacae lauri, liquamen, et admiscetur pulpa bene tunas ita ut denuo bene cum ipso subtrito fricetur. Cum liquamine admixto, pipere integro et abundanti pinguedine et nucleis incies in intestinum perquam tenuatim perductum, et sic ad fumum suspenditur. Translation: [Lucanian Sausages: … Pepper is ground with […]

Chicken in Lemon Sauce Byzantine Recipe

Ingredients: 1 kg chicken drumsticks (or 800g boneless breasts) 2 chopped onions 1-2 tbls oil 1 cup ground blanched almonds 2 cups chicken stock 1-1.5 tsp ground ginger fresh ground pepper salt 0.5 tsp pure saffron (threads) infused in 0.25 cup hot stock juice of 1-1.5 lemons Method: Trim chicken pieces as necessary, pat dry. […]

Yuvarelakia Byzantine Recipe

Ingredients: 1 lb. ground lamb (may be pounded if you like) 1 grated onion 2 cloves of chopped garlic 6 Tbs natural barley (crush it coarsely in the blender of food processor) 3 Tbs chopped parsley 2 Tbs mint or basil (fresh) 1 Tbs dried oregano or thyme salt 1 egg slightly beaten 5 cups […]