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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Baccaliaros Tiganitos (Fried Dried Cod)

Ingredients: 1 kilo Bacaliaro (Dried Cod) 1/2 cups of flour 1 tsp of yeast 1 egg Olive oil for frying 1/2 tsp of salt Pepper to taste Method Cut your Baccaliaro in small pieces and remove the skin. Place it in a large bowl with plenty of water to cover it. Leave it in the […]

Cyprus Seafood

Baccaliaros Tiganitos (Fried Dried Cod) Barbounia Savoro (Red Mullet in Savory Sauce) Octapodi Krasato (Octopus in Wine Sauce) Octapodi Ksithato (Pickled Octopus) Psaria Plaki (Baked Red Snapper) Psari Savoro me Tomates (Mullet in Savoury Tomato Sauce) Cuttlefish cooked with its ink Octopus Salad Fried Fish in Raki Sauce