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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Isfanakh Mutajjan Byzantine Recipe

al-Baghdadi p. 206/12 Take spinach, cut off the lower roots, and wash: then boil lightly in salt and water, and dry. Refine sesame oil, drop in the spinach, and stir until fragrant. Chop up a little garlic, and add. Sprinkle with fine-ground cumin, dry coriander, and cinnamon: then remove. Ingredients: 1 lb spinach 1 T sesame oil […]

Byzantine Cuisine Meat recipes

Bazmaawurd Baaridah Mulahwajah Tabaahaja Judhaab Keftedes Dolmades Avgolemono Sauce Yuvarelakia Chicken in Lemon Sauce Lucanian Sausages (Apicius) Esicia Omentata (Pine-nut Stuffed Meatballs) Avem (Olive-stuffed Birds) In Pullo Elizo Ius Crudum (Uncooked Sauce for Birds) Assaturatam (Honey Roasted Meat) Mishmishya (Meat Stew With Fruit) Barmakiyya (Spiced Chicken Pies) Buran (Meatballs in a Yogurt and Eggplant Dip) Zirbaya (Chicken in […]