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Trachanas (Dried Bulgur in Yogurt)

Trachanas is known as the National soup of Cyprus, quite nutritious, loved not only by Cypriots but tourist as well. You can find Trachana in Greece and the Island as well, made a little deferent from the Cyprus Trachana. In this recipe we will explain how to make Cypriot Trachana at home, have it in […]

Hortopita: Greens Pie

In Greek: χορτόπιτα, say: hor-TOH-pee-tah Similar to the small, fried greens pies, this pan-sized version can be made with a mixture of greens or just one, wild or cultivated. Using packaged puff pastry (sfoliata in Greek) makes this an easy recipe to put together. The pie serves 8 as a snack or light meal, and also works […]