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Sfakianopites: Cheese Pies from Sfakia, Crete

In Greek: σφακιανόπιτες, pronounced sfah-kiyah-NO-pee-tes It is customary in Greece for local dishes to be given the name of the area or region where they originated; thus, sfakianopites are named for Sfakia, a lovely area of Crete. These cheese pies, made with ouzo, can be served as a meze with ouzo, raki, or tsikoudia (local spirits), as […]

Top 10 Quick and Easy Greek Appetizers

These hot and cold appetizers have four things in common: they’re Greek favorites, they’re delicious, prep time is 15 minutes or less, and (if hot) combined prep/cook time is 30 minutes or less. 1. A Slice of Feta This is the ultimate Greek touch to any table, whether you’re serving appetizers or a full meal. Total […]