Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Orange cream

This is a beautifully refreshing desert to make when oranges are in season. The custard-like orange cream (or ‘krema portokaliou’) is a particular favourite for grandmothers to make for their grandchildren, who call it ‘kremoula’. INGREDIENTS: 3 large oranges 1 tbsp corn flour 1 lemon – juice Grated rind of 2 oranges 3 heaped tbsps […]

Loukoumathes me Portokali: Orange Honey Puffs

n Greek: λουκουμάδες με πορτοκάλι, pronounced loo-koo-MAH-thes meh por- toh-KAH-lee This recipe for these delightful small puffs of fried dough is another version of the honey-drizzledtraditional loukoumathes recipe. Instead of being drizzled with honey, they are dipped in a delicious orange-flavored syrup. A favorite Hanukkah treat. Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of shortening 3/4 […]

Cypriot Desserts

Loukoumades (fried doughballs in syrup), Loukoumia, Ravani, Touloumbes and Baklavas are some well-loved desserts. There are also Pastish, cookies made of ground almonds, that are offered to guests at weddings. Flaounes are savory Easter pies that contain goats cheese (or a variety of cheeses), eggs, spices and herbs all wrapped in a yeast pastry, then brushed with egg […]

Easter Bread with Citrus Spoon Sweet from Corfu

FOGATSA Makes 2 large round loaves In Corfu the Venetian influence is echoed in the island’s Easter bread, which is called fogatsa. Unlike the braided tsoureki eaten everywhere else in Greece, here the Eastern spices mahlepi and mastic are nowhere to be found. Instead, fogatsa is a dense, high, round loaf, with a cross slashed into its center and flavored with […]

Syrup-Drenched Nut and Spice Cookies with Olive Oil

MELOMAKARONA ME ELAIOLATHO This is one Peloponnesian version of a traditional Christmas cookie. The region’s telltale ingredient, olive oil, replaces butter in this recipe. Sometimes, Greek cooks will do that—replace butter with oil, that is—to transform a sweet into something permissable for fasting. In the Peloponnesos, though, the use of olive oil is the norm rather than the exception. Ingredients: For […]

Greek – style Nachos

This is a fun party recipe that I’ve adapted from food writer Mark Bittman. If you were expecting scary orange cheese slathered over lackluster tortilla chips, then I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed. Perfect for the casual get together or even as a light meal, these “nachos” are sure to be a favorite. Prep Time: 30 minutes […]

Geography Cake – Keik Geografias

A great accompaniment for tea and coffee or a nice cold glass of homemade lemonade! Ingredients: 250 gr. unsalted butter or spry 2 cups sugar (1/2 of which is icing sugar) 6 eggs 1.5 cup orange juice plus grated orange peel 1/4 cup cognac/brandy 1/2cup milk 3 cups sifted plain flour (in Cyprus – Farina 00) […]

Cold Beet Soup – Krya Pantzarosoupa

In Greek: κρύα παντζαρόσουπα, pronounced KREE-yah pahnd-zah-ROH-soo-pah This recipe has its origins in Eastern Europe, and combines beets, vegetables, herbs, and a touch of yogurt to make a delightful appetizer or main dish soup. Using pre-cooked canned or packaged beets makes this a quick and easy dish.This thick soup is a favorite light meal on […]