Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Lenten Sugared Shortbread Cookies with Almonds

Kourabiethes Nistisimoi In Greek: κουραμπιέδες νηστίσιμες, pronounced koo-rahm-bee-YEH-thes nee-STEE-see-mes Adapting recipes to meet Greek dietary restrictions during Lent and other periods of “fasting” (as they are called in Greek) doesn’t mean giving up taste and texture. And it doesn’t mean not eating delicious foods. Kourabiethes, sugared shortbread cookies, are favorites at the holidays made with butter and […]

Koulourakia with Wine (Lenten)

This recipe for Lenten Koulourakia (koo-loo-RAH-kyah) was given to me by Maria Athanasiou, a dear friend and adopted Aunt of my family. Her recipe uses vegetable oil and wine to flavor the twists, and produces a crisp and delicious cookie that is perfect for dunking in coffee. Maria recommends baking at 400 degrees but I […]

Greek Recipes for Cookies & Biscotti

Recipes for Greek cookies include delicious voutimata (biscotti dunking cookies), sugary holiday confections, and those made with fabulous combinations of spices and nuts. Koulourakia – Greek Butter Cookies with Sesame The name for Koulourakia comes from their round twisted shape but you will also see them shaped as small braids or in the shape of the letter […]

Festive Greek recipes

Christmas Recipes Christ or Christmas Bread – Christopsomo Christmas Bread – Christopsomo from Peloponniso Brandy Sugar Biscuits – Kourabiethes Syrup-Drenched Nut and Spice Cookies with Olive Oil Shortbread Cookies from Levithi Lenten Sugared Shortbread Cookies with Almonds Sugared Cookies with Almonds & Cinnamon Sugared Shortbread Cookies with Walnuts Christmas Pudding – Xristougenniatiki Poutinga Christmas Sesame […]

Cypriot Desserts

Loukoumades (fried doughballs in syrup), Loukoumia, Ravani, Touloumbes and Baklavas are some well-loved desserts. There are also Pastish, cookies made of ground almonds, that are offered to guests at weddings. Flaounes are savory Easter pies that contain goats cheese (or a variety of cheeses), eggs, spices and herbs all wrapped in a yeast pastry, then brushed with egg […]