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Sugared Shortbread Cookies with Walnuts

Kourabiethes me Karythia In Greek: κουραμπιέδες με καρύδια, say: koo-rahb-YEH-thes meh kah-REETH-yah Kourabiethes (also kourambiedes) are sugared shortbread cookies made with nuts. In Greece,kourabiethes are served at special occasions and given as host/hostess gifts. This version calls for walnuts (or hazelnuts). Prep Time: 45 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups of shortening 1 cup of confectioner’s […]

Lenten Sugared Shortbread Cookies with Almonds

Kourabiethes Nistisimoi In Greek: κουραμπιέδες νηστίσιμες, pronounced koo-rahm-bee-YEH-thes nee-STEE-see-mes Adapting recipes to meet Greek dietary restrictions during Lent and other periods of “fasting” (as they are called in Greek) doesn’t mean giving up taste and texture. And it doesn’t mean not eating delicious foods. Kourabiethes, sugared shortbread cookies, are favorites at the holidays made with butter and […]

Sugared Cookies with Almonds & Cinnamon

Kourabiethes me Amygthala & Kanela In Greek: κουραμπιέδες με αμύγδαλα και κανέλα, say: koo-rahb-YEH-thes meh ah-MEEGH-thah-lah keh kah-NEH-lah Kourabiethes are celebration cookies: they are prepared at Christmas, baptisms, and weddings. This recipe for these shortbread-type cookies is packed with toasted almonds, includes the taste of cinnamon, and calls for the traditional coating of lots of confectioner’s […]

Festive Greek recipes

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Greek Desserts

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