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Purslane – Glistrida Herb

Greek name and pronunciation: Glistritha, γλιστρίδα, pronounced ghlee-STREE-thah (hard “th” sound) At the market: At the grocery store, you might find purslane leaves sold as a fresh herb packaged in disposable containers. It is sometimes available as a live plant sold in potting containers ready for transfer to your garden. Physical characteristics: Purslane leaves are […]

Greek Herbs

They enhance taste, and are responsible for the most delicious smells that come from a traditional Greek kitchen. Learn about the individual herbs that are perennial favorites of the best Greek cooks. Arugula – Roka Basil – Vasilikos Bay Leaf – Dafni Dill – Anithos Fennel – Marathos Marjoram – Mantzourana Mint – Dyosmos Nutmeg – Moschokarido Oregano – Rigani Parsley – Maidanos Purslane – Glistrida Rosemary – Dentrolivano Sage – Faskomilo […]