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Greek and Cypriot recipes

Sfakianopites: Cheese Pies from Sfakia, Crete

In Greek: σφακιανόπιτες, pronounced sfah-kiyah-NO-pee-tes It is customary in Greece for local dishes to be given the name of the area or region where they originated; thus, sfakianopites are named for Sfakia, a lovely area of Crete. These cheese pies, made with ouzo, can be served as a meze with ouzo, raki, or tsikoudia (local spirits), as […]

Greek Cheeses

Some words about Greek Cheeses Greek Cheeses List: Name in English Name in Greek Pronunciation Anevato Ανεβατό ah-neh-vah-TOH Anthotyro Ανθότυρο ahn-THOH-tee-roh Batzos Μπάτζος BAHD-zohss Feta Φέτα FEHT-tah Formaella Φορμαέλλα for-mah-EL-lah Galotyri Γαλοτύρι ghah-loh-TEE-ree Graviera Γραβιέρα ghrahv-YAIR-ah Kalathaki Καλαθάκι kah-lah-THAH-kee Kasseri Κασέρι kah-SEH-ree Katiki Κατίκι kah-TEE-kee Kefalograviera Κεφαλογραβιέρα keh-fah-loh-ghrav-YAIR-ah Kefalotyri Κεφαλοτύρι keh-fah-lo-TEE-ree Kopanisti Κοπανιστή koh-pah-nee-STEE Ladotyri […]

Myzithra – Greek Cheese

In her book “When Zeus Became a Man (with Cretan shepherds),” author Sabine Ivanovas describes myzithra as “the most sensuous cheese of the world.” When she visited cheesemaker Vassilikos in the village of Xeraxyla on Crete and asked for a sample of his just-made myzithra, she reported that it melts on the tongue and fills […]

Purslane Salad with Yogurt and Capers

Glistritha Salata me Yiaourti kai Kappari In Greek: γλιστρίδα σαλάτα με γιαούρτι και κάππαρη, pronounced ghlee-STREE-thah sah-LAH-tah meh yeeah-OOR-tee keh KAH-pah-ree The Greek island of Crete is probably best known for this salad featuring locally-grown capers. The yogurt dressing makes this a particularly refreshing salad in hot weather. And purslane? You may know it as […]

Lamb with Quince – Arni me Kythoni

In Greek: αρνί με κυδώνι, pronounced ahr-NEE meh kee-THOH-nee This recipe dates from the Middle Ages, and quince are a favorite cooked fruit on the island of Crete. The lamb and quinces are cooked separately first, and then stewed together to meld the tastes. Prep Time: 45 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Ingredients: 1 3/4 pounds […]