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Arnaki Kleftiko: Bandit’s Lamb

In Greek: αρνάκι κλέφτικο, pronounced ahr-NAH-kee KLEF-tee-koh This recipe is an adaptation of a dish fixed in the mountains by guerillas (bandits) who needed to cook without being seen. They placed the meat on coals in a hole, covered it up, and let it cook for up to 24 hours. No trace of any stolen […]

Arni Kleftiko (Oven Baked Lamb)

Kleftiko is usually made out of mature Lamb or Goats meat. It must be cooked in a clay sealed pot wrapped in aluminum foil individual pieces. In the old days and even now, in the villages of Cyprus, one can find in almost every house an outdoor oven made out of clay or bricks called […]

Lamb and Goat greek recipes

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Lamb – Cyprus recipes

Arni me Kounoupithi (Lamb with Cauliflower) Arni me Fasolakia (Lamb with Green Beans) Arni Kokinisto (Lamb in Tomato Sauce) Arni Kleftiko (1)(Oven Baked Lamb) Kleftico (2) Cyprus Ttavas (Cumin Lamb Casserole) Tavva (Baked Lamb & Potatoes (or rice) with Tomatoes and Onions) Arni sto Fourno (Leg of Lamb) Arni Souvla (Lamb on the Spit) Original […]


Kleftico (Can be made with Lamb or Beef) 1.5 kg Lamb in Chunks. Any piece will do but I prefer leg or shoulder Few bay leaves Oregano Little Olive oil Salt and Pepper (freshly ground pepper is nicer) Approx 2 glasses of water Kleftico can be made in a terracotta pot, a large casserole dish […]