Greek Recipes

Greek and Cypriot recipes

Bourekia me Anari (Pastries with Ricotta Cheese)

Ingredients for the dough: 3 cups of flour 1 cup of water (room temperature) 1/3 cup of corn oil 1/2 a tsp of salt 1 egg yolk Ingredients for filling: 2 cups of strained Ricotta cheese 1/2 a cup of white sugar 2 tbsp of cold milk 1 tsp of powder cinnamon 1 egg white […]

Pumpkin Crescents – Recipe for Sweet Pumpkin Pastries

There are many versions of these little pumpkin filled pastries. In Cyprus, they are called kolokotes (koh-loh-koh-TES). Other parts of Greece call thembourekia (boo-REH-kyah). The traditional dough for this recipe is made with olive oil and would be appropriate to eat during fasting periods. I have adapted the recipe and use a sweeter dough that includes butter and […]

Halloumi & Anari (Halloumi & Anari Making)

In our days Cyprus generally speaking, is praised for its Traditionaldairy products. Much more however it prides for their genuineness. In enough villages, until today is maintained with a lot of love and eagerness, the traditional manufacturing of their dairy products. Wherever a Cypriot citizen immigrated permanently, the fame of these products have reached there. […]

Cypriot Desserts

Loukoumades (fried doughballs in syrup), Loukoumia, Ravani, Touloumbes and Baklavas are some well-loved desserts. There are also Pastish, cookies made of ground almonds, that are offered to guests at weddings. Flaounes are savory Easter pies that contain goats cheese (or a variety of cheeses), eggs, spices and herbs all wrapped in a yeast pastry, then brushed with egg […]